A Dreamy Winter Wedding In North West Ohio

After shooting Alicia & Austin's engagement session earlier in the summer, I was SO excited for their wedding day to come and to get to work with them again because they were so so cute. After loosening up in front of the camera, they were so goofy with each other and shared so many laughs; it warmed my heart. 
Their wedding day was the perfect mix of beautiful and also emotional; their love for each other was so evident... It even had me in tears (although we all know I'm a softy and that doesn't take much lol). 
The night was filled with celebration and joy as their family members and wedding party shared stories of the couple and congratulated them on their marriage. It was an honor to get to be a part of such a special day, even despite having to spend 7+ hours in the car to do so :')

Alicia & Austin's Wedding Day

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